The Various Uses of HID Proximity Cards

HID proximity cards provide durable, lightweight and cost effective identification card solutions. These types of cards are commonplace in organizations because they offer good value for the money, are highly secure, and light weight. The cards operate by using integrated circuits which have the ability to store as well as transfer data or financial information. This type of information can be transmitted without the need of swiping a card or keying in any information. It’s one of the safest and secure identification solutions. HID cards are able to store up to 137 million codes and offers reading range of 24 inches.

One great thing is that the card can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the buyer. While some of these cards are great for employee identification solution, they can be used in public transport and for access control. These types of cards are also used for printing loyalty cards and student ID cards. There are no batteries required for the HID cards to work, therefore adding to their convenience. Custom design of the cards can be made to include an improved layer of visual-security. This can be achieved through adding holograms, pictures of employees, micro printing and ultra violet identifiers.

To make the card more recognizable, you can also choose to add your company’s logo. All ranges of HID cards are made from robust materials which makes them more suitable for use in more challenging environments. They are very durable and adapt well to extensive use, which makes this modern high security card a great choice for most organizations that are looking for fantastic identification solutions for their office and field based staff. HID cards are often praised for the high level of convenience which they offer. They are small in size and pretty light and so they can be inserted into a wallet or every purse.

The cards are recognized for the exceptional level of security they offer. The secure encoding which it uses offers an enhanced level of security for the users. The surface of the cards that are used for the ID solutions are smooth, therefore making it compatible with the majority of direct printers that are available in the market. You can find a reputable supplier of these high security cards who have what it takes to provide robust and great quality cards. But before you sign a contract with printers of these cards, it’s advisable that you get a quote from at least three companies and compare what they will offer you against the amount which you will pay.

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